What does it mean if an item is only available for presale?

When an item is only available for presale, it means that we are allowing our clients to purchase the item before we have received the merchandise. It is very exclusive and allows you to purchase
the piece before it hits the store!

If I purchase an item on presale, how long do I have to wait to receive the item?
For presale items, you should allow 4-5 weeks before receiving your order. Once we receive the merchandise, we will send your order to you. Fabulous fashion is always worth the wait!

Can I purchase a presale item in the same order as regular items?
Yes, you can absolutely purchase presale items with regular items in the same order.

If I order regular items with presale items, when will I receive my regular items? Will they be shipped together or separately?

Regular items and presale items will be shipped separately. For regular items, we allow 1-7 business days for processing. Your presale items will ship to you once the merchandise arrives.You should allow for 4-5 weeks before receiving your presale items.